Mrs Mankin said...

Hi Cat! I am friends with Kerri Compton. She knows I love blogs and so she sent me your link. Just so you know, I am a nursing student here in the Valley of the Sun and have really been lacking the inspiration to complete my RN program. I have two months left until I graduate, I am burned the crap out, and I just watched your recovery vimeo. You have inspired the hell out of me and have really gotten me back on track. You have reminded me why I have worked so hard to become a critical care nurse.


i did a special post on my blog if you wanted to see it :)

Tim Green said...

Hi Cat, I just found your blog and I wanted to write you to say thank you for this gem you have written. I read a few of your posts and I am blown away by your uplifting spirit. I strive each day to be more like you. I will continue reading your past posts. I hope good things come you're way because I can tell that you are a truly beautiful person.

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