About Me

G’Day Mates!
Thank you for stepping into my blog, make yourself comfortable and stay a while!

I’m Cat!
I was born in Australia in on September 14, 1988.
My first language was Polish… huh? Well my parents were born in Poland and when they were young they decided to move to Australia for a better life…more like a vacation for life!

Lucky for me, I was born into the land of permanent vacation. I had a wonderful childhood surrounded by beautiful beaches and gorgeous weather…I was the happiest kid alive!

Today, the happiest “kid” alive part has not changed but my whereabouts has. When I was 10 years old my family moved to Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve been living in the valley of the sun since!

Do I still have an Aussie accent? Unfortunately, I lost it. We played hide and seek…I counted to 10…it ran off and I could never catch it again…no, not really. I was teased immensely in 6th grade by all the little kids- they would say “You sound so funny!” “Talk more funny girl!” and I knew I couldn’t go another year listening to that crap so, post 6th grade, I spent my summer days pretending to have an American accent until one day my Australian accent never came back! Today I consider it a tragedy! Why would anyone purposely lose their accent?! My hope is that maybe one day it will find its way back to my mouth… just like a boomerang! 
Now that I’m “accent-less” I’m officially an….

Moving on…High school was interesting. I was a little rebel…but sometimes you just have to get the rebel-ness out of your system at a young age—no comment about that topic. New subject: I was also an athlete, I did pole-vault (fricken awesome right?), I played basketball, I took a few dance classes and I was an avid runner.

The PEAK of my high school days was when I got a job working for the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball league. I was a Dug Out Dancer/Entertainer. I went to every home baseball game, entertained the fans and got paid for it!  (I’m the chick with the white playboy bunny hair).

After high school I was accepted into Arizona State University. I had the time of my life the first couple of years, you know that “typical college experience!” Until one day life took a horrifying turn. At the end of my sophomore year I was involved in a near death accident.

But I didn’t let that get me down! I was a determined woman I did everything in my power to keep going to school so I could finish on time. Physically I could not attend class, so, while I was in rehab I started taking online classes in the comfort of my own home. When I was strong enough to carry a backpack I started going to school on crutches. I was on crutches my whole last year of college…It was a pain! But, in December 2010 only one semester late, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies! It was the happiest day of my life! Determination will get you as far as you want it to! (There’s so much more to this journey but I don’t want to spoil the book I’m working on, so when it’s finished you will have to read it to learn more about my crazy accident rehab college experience)…

After graduation I wanted to do something that entails writing…I was already working on a book about my accident but I wanted to start publishing inspirational thoughts to keep my spirits high because at times my book was mentally draining so I came up with this blogging idea! I had never blogged before, but I started to get the hang of it…I named my blog 365 days of Inspiration because my 2011 new year’s resolution was to blog everyday and inspire the world! So with that name, it forces me to write something inspiring every day of the year. Now it’s a big part of me!

Anyhoo…three months after graduation, and 2 months after blogging my heart away, I landed a writing job at Fox 10 News in Phoenix, AZ. Today, I am an Associate Producer for four evening news shows! It’s very ironic actually. I spend my work day writing stories about shootings, fires, rapes, child abuse…all these negative and depressing things that happen in the world, then I go home, lay in bed and think of something inspirational to write about. Do you know how hard that is?! I have to inspire myself before I sleep or I have bad dreams about the things I write about at work. It’s a crazy job with strange hours but I love it.

So to sum it up I am a Polish Australian American writer, producer, blogger and soon to be author! I am perusing my dreams with a smile on my face every day. I love life and I am glad I was left here to inspire others! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!

Oh wait don’t leave yet I didn’t even get to the juicy entertaining part! Fun facts about mwah!

I have one thing in common with Charlie Shean and that’s WINNING.

I am a scratcher-holic. If I’m not blogging or writing the news you can most likely find me sitting on the gas station side walk scratching lottery scratchers and WINNING.

I won the Arizona Lottery “swag bag” after answering a question on their Facebook page. WINNING.

I’ve been on a game show! Let’s Make a Deal with Wayne Brady on CBS! I put a trash bag on and called myself white trash…I ended up picking the right box and I won $5,000 worth of prizes! Including a 42 inch flat screen TV, an iPod compatible jukebox, an iPod touch, $500 to Apple, a Play station 3 AND Rockband 2! WINNING.

I won tickets to see my favorite band in concert after stalking a radio station for 2 weeks strait…I got to meet MUSE (not only meet them and shake hands but they kissed me on the CHEEK! BI-WINNING) and I rocked out during their concert up close and personal because I got hooked up with floor seats! WINNING

One time I texted the number on the front of a Tostitos chips bag and I won a Tailgaiting Cornhole game. WINNING.

I was paralyzed and told I would never walk again…I taught myself how to walk again…WINNING.

SICK right? Okay I will stop with the WINNINGS BLESSINGS….

Cupcakes and chocolate are my kryptonite! Tea is my savior! & I dig trashy Hollywood gossip!

I love using the word LOVE. I am very passionate about everything I say and do. I enjoy sunny days and star gazing. I love the smell of tanning oil, and I’d rather be outside than inside!

I suffer from music A.D.D…I listen to songs for roughly 30 seconds then change them! I can’t go one day without radio/CD or my iPod!

I love to sing…but I have a TERRIBLE voice. I basically only sing when I’m in the car or in the shower…My biggest car pet peeve is when I’m in the middle of singing and someone changes the station or turns the music down unexpectedly…fricken AWKWARD man!

WOW I am writing way too much about myself!
That’s a WRAP!

Thanks for stopping by my little Kittens! Come back soon!
With love,

Disclaimer #1: I am human. I am not peppy and happy 24/7 and I do get writers block…which makes me want to rip my hair out! I am not super human therefore my writing isn’t perfect all the time but then again there is no such thing as perfect…

Disclaimer #2: Everything we encounter in life shapes our perceptions and gives us an opportunity to learn and grow as individuals. I’m here to do my own thing. I’m not here to live up to anyone else’s expectations and I’m not here to tell you what you should think. You are who you want to be and I am who I want to be…and if by chance we can meet in the middle through our similar thoughts then it’s a beautiful thing…if not, it cannot be helped and we shall part ways with a simple click of the mouse. Ciao!


Brooke said...

This is the greatest about me EVER! So many great things about you and I love all the photos :D

Sugar Butter Baby said...

I agree with Brooke... the photos are beautiful and they capture your wonderful spirit! I love following your journey and can't wait to see where it takes you next!


Love you sister! Your new blog is amazing!!!! :)

Monique Kawecki said...

This is amazing Cat! Amazing xx

Anonymous said...

WOW! You're pretty amazing. You have definately learned many of life's secrets and at a young age. God has,and is, blessing you not only physically but also mentally/emotionally. You are inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I can think of at least 365 reasons why I love you



Anonymous said...

Since the first time I met you,
I couldn't seem to forget you.
And lately I seem to find, 
That you're always on my mind.
I feel so happy around you,
And I thank God that I found you.

Oh, when I see you smile,
It makes my life worth while.
And since the very start, 
You have been in my heart.
When my lifes skies are dark and gray,
You chase all those storm clouds away.

I've never felt this way before,
And honestly that is for sure.
I'm so glad that we did meet,
For now my life is complete.
You're what they meant,
By heaven sent.



Lulu said...

Cat your blog is amazing! My friend Bindy told me to read it after she met you at her cousins Wedding...she says you are fabulous and from reading yor blog I totally agree!
Your story is so inspirational and you are so brave and courageous!
Think you should come for a London visit sometime soon:)
Lulu x

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