Day 3: We all grow up differently

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

People have different morals, values, perspectives, and wherever you go you will come into contact with a negative person, a person who doesn't like you, a person who doesn't value your opinion or all of the above.

Differences lead to conflict. When conflict arises in our lives we become like wild animals just to defend ourselves, we forget about logic and tend to lash out on each other without thinking about our actions or words.

We are not wild animals. We are Human. As humans we were born with the ability to intelligently control our reactions in any given situation. With intelligence comes control and knowledge leading us to have the ability to logically react instead of attacking people with our hurtful motions.

Negative people affect us when we react because our inner peace is disturbed. If our inner peace is disturbed pain can enter our soul. When pain enters our soul we fight back and that fight might lead to a sense of satisfaction for awhile. But, that satisfaction can take a wild turn after you walk away from battle. Instead of feeling satisfied you might feel guilty to the point where you no longer feel like you won the battle.

Win or lose, anger will always be the wild beast in the room and if it is fed with negativity it will grow angrier and angrier and continue to trigger more anger. Nothing good will ever come out of this angry wild beast. Forget about the beast and be logical. Fighting back with the angry wild beast is a complete waste of your time and energy. But if you do find yourself entering battle, in the end you will probably feel the burden of exhaustion and guilt rather then satisfaction and eventually realize you could have invested your time and energy into something positive instead.

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