Day 2: The priorities we set in life describe our character.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The older we get the more challenges we face. The busier we are the faster life goes, and as we pass through life we go through different stages. Every new stage is part of the unknown, we learn from personal experience, we make mistakes, and circumstances have the ability to make or break us. Sometimes we look back at the priorities we set for ourselves and realize we were completely blinded by the things in life that are worthless.

Life continuously changes. Our minds change, our perspectives change, our opinions change and when we realize what the most important things in our life are, it is easier to redirect our attitudes and find happiness. 

Mastering our priorities can be challenging especially if we enjoy doing so many things and we want it all on one plate. But, once we discover what we truly need the most- it’s easier to focus and value all the things in our life that matter the most.

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Skylar Magazine said...

This is so true, and so inspiring! I am definitely facing a lot of challenges right now, and it's kind of frightening, but exciting at the same time. Getting older kinda stinks, but at the same time I've started to embrace it. It's much better than the alternative. It's interesting how we are brought into this world not knowing the challenges we would face in our adult years. Life didn't really come with an instruction manual, I guess that's what our parents, teachers, friends, family, church, and all of the people we look up to are for. Who knew it would be this challenging though? Even with the complications, the drama, and the chaos, life is good... I'm glad I was given a chance to have one.

Love your blog!


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