Old Hotel Saloon Stranger

Friday, August 10, 2012

Kerny and I took a detour into a small town in the out skirts of Santa Rosa. I didn’t even bother to notice what town we were actually in because it was so eerie and thrilling to take a trip into the unknown. We drove by a creepy Old OLD Saloon and it was so unsettling we just had to stop and check it out. We parked the car and walked up the old rickety wooden deck and bumped into a man smoking a cigarette. He showed us the way into the Saloon and told us to grab a seat. The man served us beer but I wasn’t looking to drink, I was STARVING. I asked the man if I could take a look at the menu, he chuckled and said this is a Saloon not a kitchen and walked away. To my despair I slouched down and waited for my boyfriend to finish his drink. A few minutes later the man working behind the bar made his way back to my seat with a big tub. He put a glass in front of me and tipped the tub I was wondering what the heck he was doing and to my surprise he was filling my glass up with Goldfish! I sighed with relieve and scarfed the small crackers down. 

As I was scarfing the crackers into my mouth I was staring at the ceiling and I noticed dollar bills pinned to the wood with previous tourists/locals names on them. Kerny pulled out a dollar and I wrote the good ol’ cliché  “K+C=Love4Eva” and pinned it to the wall.

We sat there for a while until an old man dramatically swung the Saloon doors open and took a seat at the bar. I thought to myself, who the heck is this character! He looked over at me and said, “Hello young lady my name is Bobby English, where ya from?”
I told him I was from Arizona and we are just cruising through the town to grab a bite to eat. He nodded and pulled out a piece of paper.

Little did I know, this stranger was writing a poem about this tiny chapter in my life. He kept looking up at me and looking back down at the paper. About 5 minutes later he handed over the piece of paper and I let Kerny read it out loud. It was quite the silly little made up poem about a “fantasy life” I may have once lived, but it meant something to me. I folded the paper and put it in my purse. A random encounter from a stranger named Bobby English will be in my memories forever. Bobby took his last sip and like a ghost in the night he was long gone out the swinging Saloon doors.

“…Strangers are like keys, they can open all kinds of doors and provide us with knowledge, humor and charm without us asking for it. They help us understand how to relate to each other in uncontrolled situations and can unlock misunderstandings to bring freedom to the worried. Sometimes we are afraid of strangers, with good reason to be, but most times strangers have so much to offer us, after all look at your friends, they were all strangers at one point in time…”- Cat’s Journal June 11, 2012

So Much Wine, So Little Time

Monday, August 6, 2012

"Wine cheers the sad, revives the old, inspires the young, makes weariness forget his toil." 
- Lord Byron
Private tour of The Dierburg's Private Winery
Dry Creek Vineyards
So much wine, so little time! 
Firestone Vineyards
Ferrari Corano Winery 
Bella Winery
Bella Cave
Raymond Burr Winery
Bella Winery
Mr. Dierburg's Private Wine Cave
Ferrari Carano Vineyards 
After spending a summer in Sonoma County I can officially say I have sampled almost every wine out there. I can’t even count on my fingers how many wine tastings we attended. Whether it was just the two of us, or with our families or friends, wherever we went we had such a marvelous time. Why did I come back to Arizona so soon?

"...It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing no make-up and pajamas or a fancy dress and done up hair, as long as you’re holding a glass full of wine you will always look classy, elegant and civilized! What a wonderful time we’ve had with friends and family..." - Cat's Journal Saturday June 23, 2012

"...I have learned that wine is the secret ingredient that turns any ordinary meal into a special occasion. It doesn’t matter what kind of wine you’re drinking because they all contribute to a wonderful life. Wine slows down the day, makes my heart warm, my spirit brighter, my living easier, and my culture full of bliss. Wine has become the official sponsor to the art of my living!" - Cat’s Journal Sunday June 24, 2012

New addition: Meet my puppy George!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Picking George.

First vet visit 8-2-12
Goofy lil sleeper

George, George, George! 

George's 1st day home 7-29-12

I should have blogged about this lil guy a week ago but I didn’t get a chance to because I was busy trying to train him. This is George! He is a 6-week-old Great Dane. Kerny and I picked him out last Sunday. We always wanted to have dogs but never felt the time was right because we were traveling and working a lot but after being surrounded by dogs on our two-month vacation in Northern California we were craving that new addition to our household.

We spent last Sunday morning writing a list of “pros and cons” that come with owning a puppy. The pros out weighed the cons and we both agreed we were mentally, physically and financially ready to take on the responsibility of another soul. After one phone call we took off for an hour drive into the western desert to pick out a Great Dane puppy!

During the drive Kerny and I discussed how we were going to pick the pup out. We knew we wanted a boy and we said we would just see what puppy picks US.  When we arrived there was a litter of 13 five-week-old Great Danes. Some were black and some were gray with black spots and white streaks. We stepped into the doggy pen and waited patiently for one to come up to us. The puppies were quiet and didn’t move an inch! We could only puppy snores. We tapped the ground hoping SOMEONE would wake up…but no luck! The pups were in there own little puppy dream world! Obviously, getting the one with the “best personality” wasn’t going to happen! Kerny and I chuckled and picked up a sleeping puppy and took it out of the pen to see if he would play...but NOTHING happened! The pup just wanted to sleep!

I wrapped my arms around the lil guy and as he made cute puppy noises while resting on my chest and I looked at my boyfriend and said I am in LOVE. The black and gray ball of fur melted my heart and I just had to have him.

I drove us home while Kerny held the pup on his lap. It was so hard to focus on driving! I kept glancing over at our nameless little pride and joy. We didn’t know what to call him…from Spartan to Geffery to Walter we threw out so many names. No name seemed right…until I had an A-HA moment… I looked at Kerny and said, “GEORGE, he’s a GEORGE!” We both repeated his name and snickered. Yep that’s it.

Welcome home George!

George slept the entire drive home and slept for the remainder of the afternoon. He decided it was appropriate to wake up when it was time for Kerny and I to go to bed. I thought to myself…well isn’t that just great?! I had to play with George to make him tired because he refused to sleep! But FINALLY after snuggling up next to his warm puppy body he passed out.

It’s been one week since we got George and so much has changed, well besides the fact that he likes to sleep A LOT. George is already getting bigger and bigger. The vet says he will gain about 5 pounds a week from here on out (UH-OH). He wakes up twice a night and officially wakes us up between 5 and 6 in the morning.

We are beyond happy to have him. He is just the sweetest lil thing on the planet and has brought so much joy into our relationship. The best part of having George is when we come home we will always have a wagging tail and a sweet face to greet us. He loves us unconditionally and vice versa. When he licks my face after a long day he wipes away all the problems in the world and makes my heart warm and fuzzy once again.  

George isn’t our whole life, but he sure does make our life whole.

We love you George!

Stumble Upon Solvang

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kerny and I were traveling through the heart of Santa Barbara and stumbled upon this charming little Danish town called Solvang. I begged him to stop the car so we could explore and of course like a good man he did. There were dozens of one-of-a-kind shops, plenty of waffle and pancake houses, elegant antiques and Danish imports, and an abundance of Danish bakeries. For a few hours we popped in and out of the shops, took plenty of enchanting photos and after stuffing our faces with delectable Danish cuisines we took off for our next destination…

“…It’s surprising how many fascinating places you see when you don’t plan to. I believe every journey in life has a secret destination of which the wanderer is completely unaware. Stumbling upon the “Danish Capital of America” was definitely one extraordinary experience!" –Cat’s Journal June 10th, 2012 

I put the TRIP in road trip!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Road Trip with my Love 

Santa Barbara 

The Cold Spring Tavern

Santa Barbara Mission Church

The fantasy idea of a road trip sounds fabulous…stuffing your car with every item you WANT to bring, gossiping-laughing-rioting the roads with your best friend/friends, not worrying about paying extra fees, stocking up on all the snacks and drinks you want and most importantly: FUHGETABOUT inhaling a foreign strangers germs in a confined capsule! 

Jumping into a cozy vehicle and taking off into the sunset could potentially lead you to experience one of the most wonderful adventures of your life!

My boyfriend Kerny drove us from Arizona allll the way to Northern California. Everything was dandy until we hit Los Angeles and needed further directions. I was the co-pilot and my ONLY job was to navigate us to our destination, but as soon as we hit the busy jam packed highways in L.A I got us lost.

Kerny and I started to squabble like an elderly couple. He thought I didn’t know how to read a map (which may I add I am totally capable of but I swear my phone was acting funky). After a short lived bickering fest he pulled over and almost instantly found the correct directions. Great! Cue the "I am a man and I do everything better jokes!" He made fun of me for a good 5 minutes (isn’t he sweet?) and a few laughs and sarcastic comments later we were on our way to Santa Barbara.

“…Road trips can easily turn disastrous with one wrong turn but if you're trapped in the car with your loved one forget about the mistakes and simply be jolly. When scheduled plans don’t go your way don’t sweat it because those unexpected moments can lead to some of the greatest memories and laughs.”- Cat's Journal June 9th, 2012