The Best Summer of My Life

Friday, July 27, 2012

The past four years of my life have been packed with non-stop chaos. First it was college, then it was the accident, then it was therapy and school, and then it was working full time and therapy. I never had a break where I could just get away…until 2 months ago.
I took control of my life, quit my corporate job and became an entrepreneur promoting healthy lifestyles for all and that’s when my destiny was shaped. This decision led me to one of the most rewarding summers of my life. My boyfriend and I packed our bags, escaped the boiling Arizona heat and drove into the sunset.
Off to the west coast we went! From Scottsdale, to Los Angeles, to Santa Barbara, to Solvang, to San Francisco, to Santa Rosa, to Healdsburg allll the way into a little wine country town called Cloverdale. Why Cloverdale? My boyfriend’s parents spend half of the year living on a beautiful ranch in Cloverdale and they let us stay in their cottage like guesthouse for the remainder of our summer.
There is only one word that can describe the ranch: magic. It’s a foreign place where you forget about the rest of the world and focus your mind, body and soul on the simple things in life…beautycharm and adventure.  
For two months I was at peace with my spirit. I was content without Internet, without a cell phone, minimal driving and not staying up until the wee hours of dawn partying with friends.
After 23 years my world slowed down with the help of this peaceful paradise. For the first time I was able to experience everyday things that to so many are familiar but taken for granted. One of those things was making jam. How many people in my generation can say they learned how to make jam? I am one of the lucky ones. Making something so simple, so timeless, so delicious was one of my favorite things I did this summer.

There are many memories to write about and thankfully I happened to keep a journal on this splendid trip. I’ve never traveled with a journal but I believe in a few years when memories fade I will read this bonded stack of paper and laugh at all the adventures my boyfriend and I experienced together. In the next few blogs I will be posting excerpts from my journal and photos from our trip of a lifetime…
Stay tuned!